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Production of your own perfume

Production of your brand perfume with your own name


Do you want a particular smell in a personalized box and bottle? Is there an idea to produce a perfume for your company?


We possess professional knowledge and expertise to make this happen to you. We work with experienced bioexperts who develop perfumes and follow the best wishes of the customers and present different alternatives to the customer after the first preliminary studies.


If you wish, we can introduce you samples of our previously developed bottles. The process of coloration and screen printing is fully customized, with 75% of world famous perfume brands available, unless you choose full personalized design and design of the bottle and printing.



Our company also supplies perfumes for the garment shops, perfumeries, beauty salons. The logo on the perfume can choose which name it should be printed on.


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Course of the trial:


  • We will inform you about the desired products, packaging and presentation.
  • According to the wishes of the customer, a sample is developed and produced.
  • An analysis of the samples is made and we decide together on a possible adaptation to the product and the packaging.
  • We will match a price and quantity.
  • A manufacturing agreement is drawn up and signed for agreement.

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