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The Spanish cosmetics house Casmara has been developing high-quality products in the field of skin care for many years. The products are now sold in 44 countries worldwide. The company has its own laboratory, which enables them to take care of the production and distribution of this high-quality cosmetic line. The unique alginate masks form the core of the range, but special treatments and ampoules are also used very successfully by many salons in Belgium.

Whatever brand you work with now, Casmara can provide a massive upgrade to your salon. The big advantage of working with this line is that it can be combined with any brand. The results are spectacular and immediately visible and tangible to the customer! You can order the products in small numbers, which makes it easy to start with Casmara. So there is no starter order or minimum purchase.

Product Range

Alginate masks
The strength of these masks lies in the fact that they cover the entire face. Because the masks are applied in liquid form, you can also treat the sensitive and difficult to reach areas around the eyes and mouth, something that is not possible with other masks. The algae in the masks are 10 times richer in trace elements than comparable vegetable substances and the brown algae contain a large amount of polysaccharides that have the ability to absorb moisture. The alginate masks are a perfect connection to a peeling, because of the low temperature. The skin is immediately soothed. This allows it to be applied after every treatment.

Complete treatments
The range consists of complete luxury treatments. The Treatments consist of a cleansing peeling, ampoule, massage medium, an alginate mask and a special care cream to finish. The balanced composition of the treatments provide profound results.

With the ampoule line you can give the treatment even more power. The products can be applied both manually and via ionthophoresis. The ampoules are of course free from mineral oils. Glycerine and propylene glycol provide a soft and hydrated feeling. Both ingredients are water soluble but can also be used as a massage medium. In short, a wonderful addition to the already beautiful Casmara range. The ampoules are packaged in strips with 5 ampoules and can be used in the salon as well as in a treatment for the customer at home.

Skincare products
Casmara has developed complementary skincare lines for treating the skin at home. These connect seamlessly with the salon treatments. The collection exists of:

- UrbanProtect

- Purifying

- Antioxidant

- Hydra lifting

- AgeDefense

- Luxury

- Renovating

- Longevity

- Vitalizing

- Lightening

- Shine control

Meet Casmara

The Casmara masks are easy to apply using the instructional films on youtube SR Beauty 

You can also choose to receive a private training. You will then learn to apply the mask yourself and experience this yourself.

If you have any questions, please call +32 484 684 410 or send an email to

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